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Plastering may look simple, but achieving a flat consistently textured finish on walls is impossible without employing a professional with years of experience and expertise at affordable prices in order to achieve the perfect finish on your building and renovation project. Whether you are considering a new build or a remodel to your existing home, our team of experienced professionals can assist you.

We offer different options and all types of plasters to help you achieve the look you want to create. We have the expertise in all types of plastering projects, from industrial and commercial repairs, to extensions and renovations.


Our plastering services include but are not limited to :

Central Plastering
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Residential Plastering
  • Commercial Plastering
  • Plastering
  • Plaster and Crack Repairs
  • Repainting Plaster Exterior
  • Re Cladding



Central Plastering

Since ancient times, plaster has been used as an exterior wall material. To this day, it still covers exterior walls in many homes around the world. The variety of cladding systems available offer opportunities to make your new build or remodel project as unique as you would like it to be. And, if you have a retro brick feature either inside or outside your home, Central Plastering can transform it into a sleek, modern feature.



Central Plastering

Like any home exterior,   plaster requires maintenance and may occasionally require repairs. When a house settles the plaster may crack which will require attention. Exterior cracking can lead to further damage so it is important to have this attended to as soon as possible by an experience professional. Our team will ensure any repair work is expertly attended to and that the cladding system is adhered to according to the manufacturer's specifications. Please ask about our Warranty.


Repainting Plaster Exterior :

Central Plastering

Painting exterior plaster is not like painting internal walls. Extra cared needs to be taken to ensure the life of the plaster. This is where Central Plastering can assist.

Our team will ensure your plaster is properly resurfaced and will undertake any required repair work before repainting. Central Plastering uses only approved paint products and qualified tradesemen for application.



Central Plastering

You can create a completely new look to your home when you re-clad it. Requiring minimal maintenance, a re-clad will add long lasting beauty to your home.

Central Plastering offers several re-clad options, including expanded polystyrene sheet (EPS), auto-claved aerated concrete (AAC) and eco-friendly exterior cladding systems.


Repairs and Maintenance :

Central Plastering

The exterior plastering on your home maybe is developing cracks or is looking jaded with age. Is this so? Call us now to discuss the best available repair options for your exterior plaster system. We are your local repair and maintenance experts in Manawatu. Having done thousands of successful plaster repair projects we are able to deploy our expertise and knowledge in remedial plaster solutions.

We regularly conduct repairs for:

Cracks developed in exterior plaster systems Directing water away from the walls Lack of clearance from bottom of cladding to ground level Impact of damage to plaster cladding system Poor waterproofing.

We have in place numerous options for repairing cracked or failing plaster cladding systems including minor repairs, targeted repairs, corrective detailing and complete recladding. We give advice on the best repair solutions after determining the type of problems with the plaster system, the extent of damage already done to the building structure, the age of the home (is it over 10 years old?), the current value of the property and its potential value once the repairs and recladding are done, and the availability of funds to do the repairs.

With our specialization in repairing exterior plaster issues, and recladding with the latest generation plaster systems we can provide you with the best services found in the industry and inform you the benefits and risks involved in each move.

Plastering requires on-going maintenance. Our team is on hand to attend to any repair works required and give advice on care and maintenance. Any repair work is expertly attended and we ensure that the cladding system used fits with the manufacturer's specifications.

CENTRAL PLASTERING has been involved in high profile Manawatu projects using proven plaster cladding systems.


Residential Plastering :

Central Plastering

With more than 40 years experience in plastering services, Central Plastering is adept at understanding your need of minimum disruption to your residential building. Before beginning any plastering work on your house a detailed pre-planning meeting will be conducted with you. It is our firm belief that communicating regularly will help in the job being completed on time, with everybody getting to know the progress. Taking the time to communicate details with its customers is what Central Plastering renowned for. This professional attitude is extended to Central Plastering's workmanship as well, with close attention being given to the small details.

Manawatu builders highly recommend Central Plastering since it is 100% reliable, and experienced in working with reputable builders.

"Central Plastering team knows exactly what they should do and what they shouldn't. Before beginning working with them we thought that it would be pretty tough to find a flexible company providing all types of plastering services, but Central Plastering made everything look so easy with their professionalism. Since then we have been using their services with excellent results", the owner of Ehaus in Manawatu was quoted as having said.

If you are looking for the best plastering services for external and internal plastering for your home in Manawatu that will gel well with your builder as well, contact Central Plastering. Just enter your details on the form available on our website or call us on our phone line and you will be attended to promptly.


Commercial Plastering :

Central Plastering

Central Plastering provides quality solid plastering covering all aspects of exterior plastering for commercial clients throughout Manawatu. Our exterior plastering covers a wide range of substrates such as bricks, block, concrete blocks, and fibre cement board and insulated masonry.

Central Plastering specializes in landscape features working with leading architects, designers, builders, on interior/exterior feature walls, fences, pools, indoor and outdoor fireplaces and much more on all types of buildings.

"Central Plastering is known for a quality job in all aspects of plastering. Their work is well documented, supervised and completed to satisfaction of customers. We would definitely recommend the company for our friends in the industry and will work with them in future if the opportunity arises." Mela Gibson, Contract Manager, New Zealand Constructions Limited.